About Erbacher Air

Erbacher Air is a small, family run business, focused on supplying good old fashioned quality workmanship and ethics. As a smaller company we can focus on our clients’ needs one on one and on a personal level, with a quick turnaround from quote to installation/repair. Your job will be our top priority

Every satisfied client brings us immense pride and drives us to ensure every client is happy with every aspect of our services. We always welcome feedback.

Our main focus is to listen to our clients and provide practical options and solutions with a professional finish. We have no interest in upselling or pushing products we do not believe in. We pride ourselves on being fair and extremely competitive on our pricing.

Every client can expect an open, upfront and transparent dialogue from the technician from start to finish. With no hidden costs or surprises.

Working for over 15 years in the domestic and commercial sector, we have had the great fortune of not only touching on all avenues of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. We have developed an impressive skill set by simply being exposed to the vast construction industry for so long. This is why Erbacher Air can confidently and proudly also offer Home Maintenance services.

Have projects around your home or yard that you’ve “been meaning to do”, or perhaps don’t have the appropriate tools to complete? We are happy to discuss with you.

We are a community minded company and choose to work closely with other local independently owned companies, instead of competing against them. Over the years we have built an excellent rapport with other local tradespersons in our region in all industries and wish to support them whenever we can.

If we aren’t able to accommodate our clients in every aspect of a job (due to work outside our scope), we try our very best to liaise with and organsise other qualified, trusted local tradespersons to assist. Providing confidence and peace of mind to our clients.

Location: Toowoomba

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Air Conditioning

Install / Repair / Replace

Split systems
Ceiling Cassette
Ducted Systems
Evaporative air conditioning systems

Home Maintenance

Lawn maintenance
Rubbish removal
Gutter clean/Repair
Minor Home repairs


Break Down / Repair / Maintain

Cold rooms
Freezer Rooms
Display Fridges
Evaporative air conditioning systems
Preventative maintenance


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